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Seminar Report

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Seminar Report

  • The Center for Bashu Cultural Studies of Sichuan Normal University was given the title of the 'Bashu Cultural studies Base of the Pre-Qin History Association of China'
  • Symposium on the Longmen mountain and the civilization of the ancient Shu
  • The Symposium on Bronze Culture of Sanxingdui and Silk Road in South
  • The Symposium of Bashu Culture and origins of Chinese Civilization
  • International Symposium of New Trend on Studies of Bashu Culture
  • The 9th Seminar of Bashu culture Forum
  • The 8th Seminar of Forum on Bashu culture was Held in Kunming
  • The 7th Seminar of Forum on Bashu culture
  • The Sixth Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture
  • The Fifth Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture
  • The Fourth Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture was Held in Ya,an
  • The Third Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture
  • The Second Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture
  • The First Seminar of Forum on Bashu Culture

  • Article Abstract

  • The Ancient Sichuan and the Civilization in Southeast Asia
  • The Opening of Wuchidao and Related Issues
  • Origins of the Sea Shells and Ivories Found in Southwest China in the Pre-Qin Period
  • The Two Mechanisms of Chiefdom and State¡¯s Forming
  • Origin of the Willow Leaf -Shaped Bronze Dagger in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties
  • The Two Systems of Ancient Ba-Shu Characters
  • The Ancient Civilization of Ba-Shu and the South Silk Road
  • An Overview of the Studies on Ba-Shu Culture during Pre-Qin Period and the South Silk Road
  • The International Communication of Southwest China----The South Silk Road during Pre-Qin Period and the Han Dynasty
  • Origin of the Studies on Bashu Culture
  • Origins of the Baipu Nationality and the Di-Qiang Nationality Inhabited in Ba-Shu Area during Pre-Qin Period
  • Studies On the Sacrifice of Ivory in Ancient Shu State
  • The Northern and Southern Systems of Gold Products in the Shang Dynasty
  • From Blood Relationship to Geography:Evolution of Ancient Shu from Chiefdom to State
  • A Brief Discussion on the Relationships between Ancient Shu and Shang Civilization
  • The Studies of Sanxingdui and the Bashu Culture for 70 Years
  • The Bashu Culture and Civilization in the Han and Jin Dynasties
  • A Contrast in City Polymerizing Mode of Chengdu between Sino-foreign Countries
  • SeveralIssues on Research of Zang-Yi Corridor
  • Material and Research on Economic History of the Ba and Shu States during Pre- Qin period
  • Review the Essential Characteristics of Ancient Civilization through the Sanxingdui Culture
  • The Sanxingdui Civilization
  • Exploring the Ba Culture in Sichuan Basin
  • The Legends and Facts of the Origins of Ba People
  • Formation of the Ba Culture and the Ba-Chu Culture during Pre-Qin Period
  • The Rise of the Bronze Culture in the Region of the Yangtze River of Eastern Chongqing

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